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ALIGN Institute has a Team of specialist HR Faculty with 15+ years of Industry experience for giving the Practical Training to the Fresher’s, M.B.A pass outs as well as working HR Professionals who require Practical Training for career growth. Fresher and Job seekers would get assistance and proper coaching for placement.

About This Course

This training session is available in both on-line and off-line formats. After demo you may decide which format suits you.

An HR Generalist is expected to be an expert in every human resource function, including everything from recruitment to compensation& benefits to payroll to performance management to the numerous labour laws such as the EPF Act, ESIC Act, Bonus Act,Gratuity Act, POSH Law, Shop & Establishment Act, Contract Labour Act, Minimum wages Act and many more.

Just having a strong knowledge base in all areas is not sufficient,we also need to be able to apply our knowledge to the daily challenges that arise in workplace.
Through this training you gain Knowledge About HR personnel’s Responsibilities And The their Duties. We will discuss here the challenges which an HR person confronts every day and the practical solutions.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn/benefit from this course

  • Understanding HR’s role within the organisation to add maximum value
  • Development of strategically-aligned HR department to drive organisational results
  • Overcoming from challenges in the HR profession
  • How to improve HR’s brand image within the organisation
  • Labour laws that require strictcompliance at workplace like, Minimum Wages, Contract Labour and Sexual harassment etc.
  • Knowledge ofall the “must-have” company policies to reduce the unrest and disputes
  • Best suited SOPs on time-office, leave management, compensation etc.
  • Recruitment strategy well suited for any organisation
  • Learning why specific, measurable, aligned objectives are the keys to training programsuccess
  • How to implement a best Performance management system in an organisation
  • Beyond reviews: understanding the action steps to effectively manage employee performance
  • Learning how to identify the issues HR owns vs. what the leadership team owns
  • Pathway of an HR Career: where do you go from here?


EPFO Act and its scope
Rate of Contribution /Share
Pension Eligibility & Calculation
EDLI Eligibility-Benefit Calculation

Practical Training/Online Session/Workshop
Log-in EPF Portal Registration
Registration/Exit of Individual-Single/Bulk
Various Approvals to be done by Employer
Usage and scope of Digital signature
Coverage Registers & Records Various Returns
Various Forms- 19/10C/31/13 (Withdrawal, Transfer)

All relevant interview questions from the topic
Mock Interview on the topic

Objectives -Applicability -Eligibility
Rate of Contribution / Share

Practical Training/Online Session/Workshop
Log-in ESIC Portal
Registration/Exit of IP-Single/Bulk
Registration / Coverage
I-card for Treatment
Registers & Records
Various Returns Various Forms
ESI Benefits- Medical/Cash Benefits/Unemployment Allowances/Disability extended coverage etc- Explained
Contribution Period & Benefit Period

All relevant interview questions from the topic
Mock Interview on the topic

Disqualification from Bonus Benefit
Maximum & Minimum Bonus
Amendment act-2015 Explained (New)
Available Surplus & Allocable Surplus
Set On/Set Off

Practical Training
Calculation of Minimum Bonus
Calculation of Maximum Bonus
Forms & Registers- FORM A, FORM B, FORM C
Annual Return Filing- FORM D

Payment timeline
Gratuity of seasonal employees
Nomination Form & formalities
Effect of salary structuring

Practical Training
Calculation of Gratuity
Maximum Gratuity and Taxability
Group Gratuity Policy
Various Forms Display


Salary Structuring- As per the latest Income Tax Act, 1961
Monthly Salary Components-Annual Benefits-Retrial Benefits (All Explained)
Salary Break up and Designing CTC structure- Calculation of Gross, Net Salary
Calculation of Overtime
Attendance & Leave Management (CL, EL, SL, and ML), Leave Encashment rules
Preparation of Salary Sheet, Salary Advice & Reconciliation Sheet
Monthly Pay Slip & Full n Final Settlement sheet
PF Report, ESI Report, Professional Tax Report
Payroll Software Training (Working of Payroll software explained)
Financial Year, Assessment Year, Previous Year & Calendar Year (All Explained)
Income Tax Slab Rate (Latest)
Total Income & Taxable Income
All Salary Exemptions u/s 10 of Income Tax Act, 1961
Tax Exemptions of Various Allowances Tax Deduction under Chapter VI-A
(80C, 80CCD, 80CCC, 80D, 80E, 80TTA, 80U, 80G, etc.)
Prevailing Standard Deduction
Rebate U/S 87A, Surchage
Education & Health Cess
LWF Slab Rate PT Slab Rate
Routine Tax Planning (Investment Declaration Form) TDS Certificate (Form 16)


Objective of the Act
Applicability rules on various Factory and Shops & Establishments
Exemption of various Factory and Shops & Establishments from the Act
Registration and License- for Principal Employer and Contractor
Duties & Responsibilities- of Principal Employer and Contractor
Fees for registration and renewal of license
Returns (Report)
Registers and Records
Case Study Discussion
Benefits and Drawbacks
Objectives & Scope
Licensing process & procedure
Calculation of Registration Fee
Employment Conditions & Facilities – Welfare, Health, Safety and Cleanliness etc
Statutory Appointments
Registers and Records
Returns- Half yearly and Annual
Forms for Display
Fines/Penalty & Imprisonment
Objective & Scope
Applicability- State wise
Registration process and procedure
Conditions of Work- Working hours/Leaves etc.
Registers to be maintained
Various Returns
Objective & Scope
Applicability- State wise
Minimum wage notifications
Understanding various class of workmen/employees
Registers to be maintained
Other Act/benefits linked with Minimum Wages Act.
Various Returns
Fines/Penalty & Imprisonment
Sexual Harassment- Defined (As per the Act)
Workplace and extended workplace
Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Internal Compliant Committee (ICC)
Redressal process, procedure and timelines
Local Compliant Committee (LCC)
Fine & Penalty
Objective and Scope
Employer’s obligations
Redressal Process
Regulatory Bodies
Objective & Scope
Contribution by Builders
Eligibility for the Benefits
Benefits to the construction workers
Online Portal
Who is an Apprentice?
HR policy for an Apprentice
Guidelines for the Employer
Benefits of Apprenticeship Act


Meaning of PMS
Objective & Scope of PMS
Advantages to the organization and employees
Development of KRAs and KPIs
Increment, Promotion, Training, IJP, Reward system and other decisions based on PMS
Succession Planning and Leadership Assessment
PMS tools- 9 Box Matrix etc
Performance Counseling Techniques
Case Study


Objective and Scope of HR Policy
Employment Policy
Attendance & Leave policy
LTA Policy
Code of Ethics & Business Conduct Policy
Email, Internet & Computer use Policy
Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Policy
Employee Separation Policy
Compensation and Benefit Policy
How to take Disciplinary action and termination of service


Manpower Planning & Budgeting
Employment Policy
Working as per defined TAT
Recruitment Life Cycle (Explained)
Functionalities of Various Job Portals ( Naukri, Monster etc.)
Resume search tools, various filtration steps
Job Posting
How to work with Manpower consultant- Team, Conditions & Agreements)
Preliminary screening of CVs
Communication with candidates and capturing of Data
Interview Line-up process
Salary negotiation, Offer release and Boarding-in the Candidate
Joining Formalities
Confirmation of employment

In addition to the Training, Students will also be provided with these facilities FOC (Free of Cost)

  • Students will be provided with all the study material of the topics discussed in the class
  • Assignments will be given, as and when required
  • Case study- as and where required
  • Mock interviews will be conducted and interview preparation will be done at the end of the course
  • Assistance in Resume formatting and restructuring
  • Life time counseling support from your Trainer and our counselor
  • Assistance during further Job Change
  • Refresher course in future at just nominal cost

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