HR Generalist Training

What is An HR Generalist

An HR Generalist is expected to be an expert in every human resource function, including everything from recruitment to compensation & benefits to payroll to performance management to the numerous labour laws such as the EPF Act, ESIC Act, Bonus Act,Gratuity Act, POSH Law, Shop & Establishment Act, Contract Labour Act, Minimum wages Act and many more.

Just having a strong knowledge base in all areas is not sufficient, an HR Generalist also need to be able to apply the knowledge to the daily challenges that arise in workplace. Through our training an HR aspirant gain Knowledge About HR personnel’s Responsibilities and their Duties. We discuss the challenges which an HR person confronts every day and also provide the practical solutions.

Key responsibilities of An HR Generalist

  • Handling Legal & Statutory compliances
  • Compensation and Benefits management
  • Salary Administration
  • Handling Industrial and Labour Law
  • Performance Management of employees
  • HR policies and SOPs formulation and Implementations
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Managements

Who should do HR Generalist Training Course?

HR Aspirants: This Training course is designed for all HR professionals as well as Non-HR professionals who want to get into the Human Resources field. This training course helps the HR aspirants in advancing their career in Human Resources. We not only provide practical learning but also give students real-time LIVE assignments to work on. This course and training approach is designed and engineered by seasoned HR professionals in such a way that trainees gain not only knowledge but also get the confidence of working in the field without any support. We are committed to all our trainees towards providing them with coaching and guidance even after the course is over. So, if you aspire to be a successful HR Personnel and achieve career growth at a faster pace, Align Professional Training Institute must be your training destination.

Management Students: It's a bitter fact but truth to which we all must agree that Syllabus in our management courses, to a great extent, lacks practical training. There is an abundance of qualified MBA HR produced by various colleges throughout the country. Unfortunately, our MBA pass outs lack a practical understanding of the job responsibilities of an HR Professional. Theoretical knowledge gained in MBA programs are not even sufficient to let a student crack initial round of interview. Management students after our HR Practical training gain an edge over other fellow competitors and get the best placements. Being a fresher, it's very important for an MBA student to have confidence along with knowledge and our trainers at Align Professional Training Institute make this possible with the help of their training pedagogy and industrial experience.

Hr Generalist Practical Training Institute: Tips And Tricks

Being an HR professional with more than 15 years of experience, I closely observe and check the HR Generalist Practical Trainings which are now available in market (Google). Since 2010, I worked with few very renowned HR Training institutes, and I am hereby writing my review for the benefit of all those HR professionals, other working professionals and fresher who are planning to join these in near future. Objective of my review is to give my honest feedback and guidance to all students so that they invest their hard-earned money with full care.

Q. Why does anyone get enrolled in the HR Generalist Practical Training?

Ans:My experience of being with students, closely monitoring them and interaction with my students says that students join the courses with two key goals in mind:

(a) Knowledge

(b) Job opportunity

Students really take the pain when they spend their hard-earned money in these career enhancement courses and when these institutes fail to do the justice with their investment, it is always highly painful for a trainer like me.

Let’s understand why most of these Institutes fail to deliver what they commit.

Key Highlights of these Institutes:

Unexperienced And Unprofessional Counsellors: You will not find knowledgeable counsellor in these institutes. Counsellors do not know even abc… of any course which they are selling or recommending to students. Many institutes have counsellors who themselves are undergrad. How can a student get a proper guidance?

Incompetent Management, Low Quality Content/content Is Outdated: I suggest all students to retrospect/ look at the management people/owner of institute before joining it. Judge yourself how updated the owner is and what qualities does he/she own. Does owner even know anything about HR profile and recent trends in HR? Can he answer few of your HR related technical questions? How good is his/her communication skill? Is he confident of helping you in getting placed? How many years of industry experience does he/she has? Do they have Industry contacts? and if yes, then How?

In many institutes after interaction with the owner you might realize that owner himself has never worked anywhere ever and has no Industry Exposure. He/She may also be lacking in quality in terms of knowledge and training therefore expecting good content of training in their institute is of no point.

Fake Placement Commitments:My heart goes out to see students struggling and begging for job placements after course completion. If you want to join JUST because of placement assurance done before admission, then be ready for the damage. You will not get any placement support from any of these institutes. You will have to ultimately rely on your Trainer for placement support.

Lack Of Facilities: For HR Practical Training, we need a lot of online portal access like EPF, ESIC and Payroll software etc. Most of these institutes don't have EPF, ESIC portal. They rely on their Trainer and expect them to arrange these portals on their on. Neither institute provide Payroll training software. I had my portals so I used it but some trainers don't have and students get penalized unnecessarily after joining those institutes.

Exorbitantly High Fee: Before having my own Exclusive HR Training institute, I was a freelance trainer and let me tell you, what these institutes are charging is not worth. These courses are half of its cost or even lessor. Institutes’ have their fixed costs like, rent of premises, salary of counsellor and staff, promotional expenses, fees of trainer and last but not the least their own profit margin. A poor student in his fee has to bear the cost of all these expenses & heads. A freelancer or Institute like us, where himself or herself is trainer, can train a student for just Rs. 10,000-15,000 for which these institute charge Rs. 25,000- 30,000. It’s too high!!

Fake Reviews: If any student chooses to join these institutes because of the reviews and stars they see on google, then let me tell, these reviews and stars are mostly for Trainers. Trainers are pressurized by the owners of these institutes to ask all the students to write good reviews. All these reviews are written by students for trainers and not for the institutes. Always join that institute where the owner himself is trainer. Chances of fake review will be less.

Lack Of Concentration Amongst Multiple Courses: Many institutes have made this training business like a departmental store. If you check their websites, you will see multiple courses which they have to offer. On one side they are offering HR generalist course on the other side they also have Robotic and Software training courses. Some websites, I have seen offering all the training courses available on this earth. Do you really believe that such Institutes can do justice with your HR Training? NO. For HR Generalist training, only such institute is preferable which is 100% dedicated to HR training only.

Tips: How To Choose Good Hr Training Institute/trainer

• Spécialisation: Make sure the Institute provided exclusively HR Training only. Large number of courses in the Institutes kitty diverts their attention.

• Trainer’s Institute: Such institutes are always preferable where Trainer and Owner is same. Students get direct supervision and personalized care. Also, the fee in such institute is less because of elimination of middlemen.

• Avoid Mob Mentality: Avoid joining a institute for its 5 star Google review only. Good review is not bad, however, that should not be the only criterion of selecting a institute.

• Examine the Management & Trainer: Counsellor, management and trainers are face of any institute. If you closely examine them before admission, you will get an idea of training quality.

• Written commitments: If you are ready to pay high fee to a so-called branded institute because of their placement commitments, get it in writing.

• Capability Matters: An institute may give you your first job but your career will be shaped only by your capabilities. Find a trainer who gives a commitment of making you capable in all respect, no matter he guarantees placement or not.