Module 6 Recruitment And Selection

(1) Recruitment & Selection Life Cycle

  • OManpower Planning & Budgeting
  • Employment Policy
  • Working as per defined TAT
  • Recruitment Life Cycle (Explained)
  • Functionalities of Various Job Portals (Naukri, Monster etc.)
  • Resume search tools, various filtration steps
  • Job Posting
  • How to work with Manpower consultant- Team, Conditions & Agreements)
  • Preliminary screening of CVs
  • Communication with candidates and capturing of Data
  • Interview Line-up process
  • Salary negotiation, Offer release and Boarding-in the Candidate
  • Joining Formalities and documentation
  • Employees’ files preparation
  • Confirmation of employment and Extension of confirmation

In addition to the Training, Students will also be provided with these facilities FOC (Free of Cost)

  • (i) Students will be provided with all the study material of the topics discussed in the class
  • (ii) Assignments will be given, as and when required
  • (iii) Case study- as and where required
  • (iv) Mock interviews will be conducted and interview preparation will be done at the end of the course
  • (v) Assistance in Resume formatting and restructuring
  • (vi) Life time counseling support from your Trainer and our counselor
  • (vii) Assistance during further Job Change
  • (viii) Refresher course in future at just nominal cost